“Win a House in Dublin” is a fundraising Draw organised by Club Rossie, the commercial and fundraising arm of Roscommon GAA.


Club Rossie is a subgroup of Roscommon GAA County Board which has been given responsibility for raising money for Roscommon Gaelic games. This facilitates Officers of Roscommon GAA to devote their full energy to the promotion and administration of Gaelic Games in the county rather than acting as full time fundraisers.

It was launched in February 2014 with a number of key objectives, which we continue to work to:

  • Act as the main commercial and fundraising arm for Roscommon Gaelic Games.
  • Be a sub-committee of Roscommon County Board – operate within GAA structures not as an independent supporters group.
  • Develop and instantly recognisable, strong, brand.
  • Professional fundraising team with a range of skills including marketing, business and communications.
  • Develop supporters groups both home (Club Rossie Dublin) & abroad (London, USA & Australia in particular).

We believe that transparency and good corporate governance are the key to success. The team is made up of a group of volunteers based mainly in Roscommon and Dublin.

Officers and Committee

The Chairperson of Club Rossie is appointed by the Roscommon GAA Management and the County Treasurer is a member of the Committee. The Club Rossie Committee will elect its own officers, who will carry out duties as determined by the committee from time to time. The Committee may also appoint individuals from its members to carry out specific tasks and may secure the services of persons outside the Committee where required.


Club Rossie devotes its energies to the raising of finance to assist Roscommon County Board in developing Gaelic games in the county. Officers and Committee members will carry out their duties in the service of Roscommon Gaelic games on a voluntary basis. Any other legitimate costs incurred will be agreed in conjunction with the County Treasurer.

Where will the funds go?

The funds raised from Win a House in Dublin will be used to develop the facilities of Dr. Hyde Park and to help implement the strategic plan of Roscommon GAA which includes, the future development of the Dermot Earley Centre of Excellence.

Find out more

Visit the Club Rossie Website, like our Facebook Page , follow us on Twitter or Email info@clubrossie.ie

Visit the Roscommon GAA Website, like our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter